Arren Williams is the name, and I'm a stylist, editor and trend reporter. You'll catch my work regularly popping up in print in the likes of the National Post, House & Home and elsewhere. I'm also a guest expert on Citytv's CityLine, and you can occasionally find me on HGTV as well as on ABC 7 News in Chicago.

To keep things fun I've tapped a couple of friends - Julia Black and Jenn Hannotte - to contribute their views on design too. Enjoy!


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Going out Est for Eames

I recently got the chance to speak to students at Humber College all about what I do, as well as my thoughts on design, and, other than the fact that they must've thought I was bonkers, I did find time to beg them to please try their best to not buy knock-offs. I'd much rather see a vintage piece, or great affordable design (hello, Ikea, Habitat and West Elm!) in an interior, rather than a sad looking fake Barcelona Chair.

So this week I was super-duper happy to check out a brill new online mag from Australia called Est Magazine, which had a great feature comparing a fake to a real Eames DAW (that's Dining height Armchair Wooden base to you and me). Click here to look at the mag, and to read all about design integrity vs. a ripped-off copy, and have a boo below at the 4 looks Est stylist Amey Rosenthal put together, photographed by Toby Scott, of the real thing. Traditional, Family, Old & New, Corporate - Do you have a fave? And thanks too to Natalie Walton's great blog Daily Imprint for the intro to Est!



Meeting strangers

The other day I discovered Natalie Walton's blog, Daily Imprint, while I was digging deeper into the background of Lonny Magazine (btw, Michelle Adams sent me a v. kind note about my post!). Natalie is the deputy editor of Real Living; a fab Australian interiors mag which, if you ever get your sticky mitts on a copy, I'm sure you'll realize why everyone always oohs and ahhs over it.

Anyhoo, Natalie interviews creative types for her blog on a regular basis and includes shots like the ones below, which were too de-lovely not to share. They're the work of talented stylist Ruth Welsby, a Brit who now makes her home in sunny Melbourne. I love Ruth's colour palettes and the random - yet carefully thought out - mix of objects, art and furniture. That first shot is so calm and cool I could happily move in without changing a thing. To read Natalie's interview with Ruth click here, and be sure to check in on Daily Imprint often!