Arren Williams is the name, and I'm a stylist, editor and trend reporter. You'll catch my work regularly popping up in print in the likes of the National Post, House & Home and elsewhere. I'm also a guest expert on Citytv's CityLine, and you can occasionally find me on HGTV as well as on ABC 7 News in Chicago.

To keep things fun I've tapped a couple of friends - Julia Black and Jenn Hannotte - to contribute their views on design too. Enjoy!


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It's a mug's game

I've spent the last while researching a couple of feature projects for the likes of House & Home and the National Post and, while I was noodling down an internet back alley, I happened across these rather cool mugs. Okay, while I'm not much for funny mugs, these were inspired by the weird ones that get half forgotten and shoved to the back of the cupboard. They also have a rather nice bit of provenance too, since they were designed by Baptiste Ymonte and Vincent Jousseaume of Atelier Polyhedre and are from a limited edition line called Mug Shot. Now that's a nice way to enjoy your no-foam-half-sweet-lactose-free-vanilla-latte. Baroque and Flash are available online here from Paul Smith.


Monday in Milan

It's a funny old world. On Friday I was doing the very un-glam side of my job; returning props from a shoot, which basically involves me schlepping all over hither and yon with bags and bags (and bags) of stuff and a fistfull of receipts. Blech! And today I climbed to the top of Il Duomo in Milan. Seriously, how are those two things connected??? Well, I'm in Milan on a press trip with Savoia Canada learning all about tiles. And I hafta tell you, what these guys don't know about tiles just 'aint worth printing!

In the meantime, have you seen the latest water bottle design from Evian? '08 saw Christian Lacroix launch the series, then in '09 Jean Paul Gaultier had a go, and for '10 - available on shelves in November - you'll be able to find Paul Smith's trademark happy stripes wrapping the bottle. It's a fun look, and I'm glad to report the ink used is organic. Nice for a glug when you're thirsty, and even nicer used as a sweet vase afterwards too!