Arren Williams is the name, and I'm a stylist, editor and trend reporter. You'll catch my work regularly popping up in print in the likes of the National Post, House & Home and elsewhere. I'm also a guest expert on Citytv's CityLine, and you can occasionally find me on HGTV as well as on ABC 7 News in Chicago.

To keep things fun I've tapped a couple of friends - Julia Black and Jenn Hannotte - to contribute their views on design too. Enjoy!


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Gone fishin'

Well, I haven't exactly picked up rod and reel. Nope, I'm chilling out and taking a couple o' days blog break. Hey, it happens to the best of us! In the meantime, I thought I'd share this inspiringly colourful shot of vintage bits and bobs from Hawk Eyes, a lovely vintage shop on Roncesvalles in Toronto (and, if you have a wander along the street while you're there, you could definitely grab a warm plum filled Polish doughnut while you're at it!). Now that's happiness, a sweet treat AND great vintage. See you guys next week sometime!


Is it #1, or #2?

I'm having a table lamp dilemma. Last week, while sourcing vintage suitcases for a book cover shoot (not an easy task, I might add) I came across a crazy cheap - and fantastically lovely - table lamp at Goodwill. Then, about an hour later, I scored a brand spanking new never used vintage drum shade at the Sally Ann. Talk about kismet! I have a home for it, but it means I'll have to say buh-bye to a great lamp I already have.

Okay, so first up is the one that's been sitting pretty on that side table for quite a while. The base and silk shade are from Restoration Hardware. Next is the vintage lamp and shade I just couldn't say no to. The base was $10 and the shade $4, while the Resto lamp probably came in at a slightly pricier $300, or so. Which should stay and which should go?


Take one old lamp {before & after}

Oh my, what wonders a can of white spray paint can do. Not rocket science I know, but I spotted this shiny brass lamp at Goodwill for $10 and saw its potential. The shade was completely un-salvagable (buckled and oddy stained) so that was tossed. I taped up and bagged the cord as well as the socket, and screwed the little loop finial into a spare piece of cardboard, then set up an impromptu spray booth in the back yard (a cardboard box, actually). A few careful coats of matte white spray paint later and the lamp and finial were looking fantastic. The final touch was a chocolate brown silk lampshade that I've had sitting around for ages from Restoration Hardware (tho' you can find great ready-to-go shades at both HomeSense and Pottery Barn too). Oh, and if these pics look a little familiar, that's because this project showed up in Canadian Family! [Image 2: Colleen Nicholson]


Time for a Picknick

Oh, there's something about Swedish design work from the 50's and 60's that just gets to me, so I couldn't be happier to tell you that Picknick, a classic fresh and summery pattern from 1954, has been re-intro'd. Designed by Marianne Westman, the now 80+ year old designer who was also behind the classic Mon Amie dishware pattern (which has just been re-released by Rörstrand), Picknick is back on the shelves courtesy of Almedahls and - if you fancy grabbing some for yourself - is available online through the fine folks at Huset.


Where will you live?

This wall sculpture/candle holder was one of those irresistable finds that I couldn't not bring home. Yes, it's vintage - dated 1970 and made in the USA by Syroco - and is a grand 41" wide and the price, well, when Mike at Mike's Music (who has a vintage section in the basement of his store) said $15 my eyes glazed over and in a flash I was rifling through my pocket to pay for it. Now though, there are issues. It's too big to hang on the fireplace by a couple of inches, and almost every other spot in the house already has something hanging above it. In other words, I have no idea where it's gonna live. In the meantime, while I'm waiting for inspiration to strike, you'll find it leaning on a wall between a velvet painting of Julius Caesar, a Warhol of Grace Jones, and a paint-by-numbers canvas of Madonna.